Underarm Rash

Ways of preventing underarm rashes

underarm rash

Underarm rash, or armpit rash, is a symptom which refers to inflammation of the armpit area, followed by an irritating itch, pain caused by contact of the skin with clothes or the skin itself, redness, and in a more developed stage – blisters, wheals and other unpleasant effects.

The underarm rash can be caused by many different things. Small factors, such as tight clothes on the armpit area, can be the cause of a light rash. In that case it is most likely for the rash to disappear on its’ own after two or three days. Increased and intensive sweating, parallel with skin rubbing against each other in the underarm area is another cause of underarm rash. Excessive use of deodorants, creams and other substances in that area might also be the trigger of a rash of different magnitude, depending on how the skin has reacted to the chemicals and compounds. Allergies to different foods and drinks may also cause rash on the body and specifically on the armpit area.

Although they are of the most common causes of the underarm rash, hygienic manners are not always the trigger. People with poor hygiene might not receive that symptom, as well as people with great hygiene are not one hundred percent immune to it. Such rashes might be caused by bigger problems, such as skin diseases affecting the entire body. Allergic dermatitis might be the greater illness, causing armpit rashes to appear as symptoms. Contact dermatitis is another illness that can lead to rashes under the arms – something that touches the skin with an inflammatory effect can lead to rashes and itches in that area. Similar problems, such as allergies in general, might be the cause of the inflammation. That is why a good way of preventing the rash to ever appear due to allergic causes is to contact a specialist who deals with allergies. That way determining what specific chemicals and substances one is allergic to can lower his or her contact with them, therefore preventing any allergic reaction, including the underarm rash to ever appear.

Friction itself might be the cause of underarm rashes. The movement of the skin on the underarms and the rubbing that happens during that movement might be a problem. Especially if the skin is dry, the effect will be even worse. That is why attention should always be paid to whether or not the skin is moist in order to prevent dry friction and bad effects that way. Underarm rash might be caused by irritation from shaving. The short hairs left behind from bad shaving often lead to bad effects, especially rashes.

By determining the causes that may lead to underarm rash, people can efficiently fight the symptom, removing most of the chances of it happening again. Although in some cases it is inevitable, due to the fact that they are parallel to a bigger illness or disease, the rash causes may be prevented so much that the chance of it occurring might be lowered to a safe, non-dangerous and insufficient percentage.

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