Underarm Rash

Underarm Rash

Development of an Underarm Rash


The development of an underarm rash can be associated with a wide variety of reasons. While some of these reasons are nothing to worry about, some of them can be related to certain medical conditions that can be detrimental. An underarm rash can form because of simple allergies, or some serious medical conditions that can present these rashes as one of the symptoms. In order to make sure that there are no major problems associated with your underarm rash, you would have to evaluate the rash at the earliest. Here is a look at some of the common underarm rash causes that can be behind this condition.


Underarm Rash Causes


In order to explore the different underarm rash causes, let’s start with one of the most common causes of this condition. Contact dermatitis is known to be one problem that leads to most cases of underarm rashes. In a nutshell, contact dermatitis is the name given to the skin problem that arises due to the contact between the skin and certain chemicals. Such chemicals are present in your deodorants, soaps and detergents. When you wear a shirt washed with a certain detergent, you can develop an underarm rash. The same is true for the use of some deodorants, soaps and other agents that come in contact with your body. Shaving is another issue that can lead to the development of underarm rashes. Improper shaving, without the proper use of lubricants, can lead to the problem of underarm rashes. Certain food allergies are also known to cause the problem of underarm rash. Apart from these trivial causes, some underarm rash causes are related to medical problems. Chickenpox, eczema, measles, meningitis etc. are some problems that can lead to the development of an underarm rash.


Underarm Rash Treatment


In order to carry out complete underarm rash treatment, you would have to take a look at the common underarm rash causes. Once you have determined these underarm rash causes, you can think about proper treatment steps. In case no medical condition is related to the problem of the underarm rash, you can take some simple steps to ensure underarm rash treatment. Practicing proper hygiene, using loose clothes, reducing friction in the area etc. are some ways through which you can take care of underarm rash at home.

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