Ringworm Treatment and Prevention

Ringworm – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ringworm PicturesDermatophytosis, also known as ringworm, is a fungal infection of the skin of humans, pets, sheep, kettle and other domesticated animals. The fungi which cause the disease feed on keratin, which is found on the upper layers of the skin, nails and hair. The name originates from the shape of the inflammation and previous belief that this illness is spread by worms, which now is proved to be wrong.

Ringworm Pictures

Ringworm causes

Most common ways of receiving the parasites is by exposure to places which the fungi are spread. Places with a lot of moist and high temperature are good places for the ringworm virus to live and thrive, therefore making them the most dangerous places. Locker rooms, gyms, closed training facilities with bad air conditioning are the places where the most fungi grow and affect people. Another way of receiving the ringworm parasites is by contact with items possession of already infected people or animals, or sharing personal things with people that might be contaminated. Contact with pets and domesticated animals might cause the fungi to spread as well.

Ringworm Pictures

Symptoms of ringworm

Most common symptoms are round itchy spots on the skin, followed by a rash on the same place, nails thickening, losing color and sometimes even falling off. The red spots on the skin, mostly on and around the face, but possible to occur on different places all around the body, are round in shape, vary in size and usually irritate the skin and itch. If the ringworm affects skin parts of the body with hair over them, such as the head, eyebrows, arms and legs, the hair will fall and bald spots will appear.

Ringworm Pictures

Ringworm treatment

Treatment of the fungal illness mostly includes usage of topical agents and other similar medication. With normal cases the treatment is around one or two weeks. With severe cases the treatment may take as long as several months in order to clear out the entire organism of the infectious disease with the help of antifungal medication. Creams and lotions killing the parasites may be helpful as well.

Ringworm Treatment

The best ways to prevent the disease of ringworm of ever happening is to follow some simple rules of lifestyle which will help prevent the occurrence of this fungal skin infection. One of the main things that should be considered is hygiene. It is a must to maintain a high hygienic level and stay clean all the time, since that way any fungi will be destroyed from the cleaning and showers. As well as exposure to dangerous places where the parasite thrives, contact with contaminated surfaces and clothes should be avoided as well. Sharing personal items with people who might have the disease is dangerous as well, so that should be reduced to a minimum. Barefoot walking is dangerous as well, since the skin is directly exposed to whatever parasites there are on the ground. Usage of antibacterial and antifungal soaps and shampoos, as well as such detergents is recommended as well, since that can kill most of the ringworm fungi.

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