Itchy Underarm Rash

Itchy Underarm Rash

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Red, Itchy Underarm Rash


The red, itchy underarm rash is one problem that can prevent you from carrying out daily tasks. Basically, an underarm rash is something that develops in your armpits, and is generally red, itchy and flaky. Some amount of discomfort can be noticed in most cases of an underarm rash, along with constant itching and swelling. In order to take care of an underarm rash, you first need to analyze the major causes that are associated with the problem. A rash in armpit can develop because of a variety of reasons, and not all of them should be ignored. While most cases of rashes are due to allergies and contact dermatitis, some others set in as symptoms of major medical problems.


What Leads to a Rash in Armpit?


The reasons behind the occurrence of a rash in armpit are many, and not all of them are trivial. Before we take a look at the regular underarm rash causes, let’s consider the major medical problems that can lead to this condition. Chickenpox, eczema, measles, scarlet fever etc. are some reasons that can lead to the development of a rash in armpit. These conditions exhibit an underarm rash as one of the symptoms associated with the problem. Apart from these, there are several other medical problems that can lead to an underarm rash. The onset of an underarm rash is also related to autoimmune disorders, like Kawasaki disease, psoriasis etc. While these are the dangerous medical problems that can lead to an underarm rash, there are some regular cases that account for most of the underarm rashes. Different types of allergies are held responsible for most cases of underarm rashes, along with the cases of contact dermatitis. The determination of the exact underarm rash causes is extremely important for the correct treatment.


Remedies for Underarm Rashes


While the underarm rashes associated with medical problems require proper treatment of the underlying causes, the underarm rashes that arise due to allergies can be treated at home. The first step to treat these underarm rashes is the cutoff of the allergens. You should refrain from the use of deodorants, detergents and soaps that might have caused this reaction. Keeping the area clean and wearing loose clothes are some other steps that can lead to an improvement in the itchy underarm rash.

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