Hives Treatment and Prevention

Hives Treatment

hives picturesHives, also known as Urticaria, is a skin disease in which the affected area turns into pale red wheals, and is mostly followed by swelling of the affected body part. It is caused by different allergic reactions or exceeding quantities of certain chemicals or substances. There are different ways of treating hives, depending of the different intensities and how severe the patients actually are. If the illness is not as severe, it may be possible to cure the symptoms and that way the whole illness at home, but that may not be the best thing to do, because a doctor may find out a better way. 

Compresses and skin care

When the hives are still mild, they can be treated as normal skin rashes. Applying cold compresses to lower the swelling and using different creams to clear the wheals from the skin are effective methods. Usage of herbs in order to make healing mixtures is a good idea as well, since some herbal qualities help the skin recover and heal by itself, causing the rashes to disappear.

Aloe vera treatment

Aloe vera is a well-known herb for its’ healing qualities, thus being a good cure to use against hives. The qualities of aloe vera help the skin to heal naturally, increasing the positive processes. The inflammation that has occurred, once treated, cools down and lessens in itchiness and pain. Also, aloe vera, once applied to places unaffected by hives, greatly lessens the chance of inflammation there.


If hives have developed to a bigger stage than mild itches and swelling, antihistamine medicine is one of the right choices in the particular case. Although, that does not cure the organism entirely, the severe itch that has occurred will disappear. Although strong antihistamines may cause dizziness and light headaches, their effects regarding the skin problem will be greater than other weaker medications.


Most of the severe hives cases involve swelling around the throat and on the face. That may be the cause of difficulty in breathing and even asphyxiation. In that case, the fastest and most reliable cure is an adrenaline injection, also referred as epinephrine. The adrenaline causes the blood to flow rapidly through the blood vessels, therefore further lowering of the swelling that has caused difficulty breathing.

There are many different ways and medications which can treat hives. Due to the mostly unknown genesis of the disease, the most common way is to treat the symptoms and that way making the illness disappear on its own. Due to the unknown origin of most cases, finding out where it started from is a very hard task.  If, by any chance, hives appears on a person’s body, even if not as severe as it seems, and even if there are methods of curing mild cases, professional medical help is a must. Many times, hives may occur parallel to another disease, so in order to find out what it is, a consultation with a doctor about what is the best thing to do in that case is the proper course of action.

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