Underarm Rash

Different Types of Underarm Rashes

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The underarm rash is a symptom caused by many different illnesses and negative environmental effects on the skin of the armpit, where an itchy and sometimes painful rash appears. It is an irritation of the skin in that area, but is usually light and easily cured.

One of the most common creators of an underarm rash is the allergic reaction. Allergic dermatitis or other similar illnesses may cause inflammation of the skin on the armpits, resulting in itchiness, pain, redness and other negative effects. Allergies that affect the skin might be due to foods not capable to be processed by the person’s organism, compounds he is allergic to and has come in close contact with, and other chemicals of the environment that have a negative allergic effect on his body, more specifically – the skin, define the type of underarm rash caused by allergies. The best way to cure this type of rash is to seek medical help in order to find out what allergies you have and make sure you don’t go in direct contact with the allergens.

An infection connected with the hairs in the underarm area – Folliculitis, may occur and result in the appearance of an underarm rash. The continuous damage of the hair follicles of the armpit due to shaving and usage of deodorants might cause an infection that can spread to the surrounding skin area. It causes red spots around the hairs, with painful and itchy sensation. The best way to treat that kind of rash is to keep the area calm and not shave or use irritating substances for the time until it heals completely.

Fungal infection is another group of causes that creates as well as rashes, inflammations and infections throughout the whole body, and on the armpits as well. Underarm rash caused by fungal infections is a bit more difficult to cure, since it requires complete removal of the parasite in the body. That is sometimes impossible, due to some viruses and fungi’s ability to stay in the body. In that case, the infection is treated until it is completely removed, and the fungus is treated until it either disappears or shrinks to the smallest possible state.

Other causes of an underarm rash may be contagious infectious diseases such as HIV, scabies, diabetes and others. In that case, if the illnesses causing the rash aren’t completely treatable, it’s best to remove the symptoms and lower the effects of the diseases. It may not be as sufficient, nor as fast, but removing the symptoms and keeping a strengthened immune system and a healthy body might be one of the best solutions in this case.

There are many causes of underarm rashes, and can be classified in many ways. The thing that should be at the top of the priorities is to seek professional help when such symptoms appear, even in the slightest magnitudes, in order to be safe and secure that the right choice will be made. Doctors will find out if the inflammation is caused by a more serious illness, and will cure not only the underarm rash, but everything else that needs medical attention.

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